Local Love – Angry Orchard

Looking for weekend child free fun? I’ve got you covered.

Dave and I were sans kiddo’s a few weekends ago. We headed to The Angry Orchard in Walden, NY for our 3rd Annual Visit. If you live in Westchester, it’s worth the ride. I am not a fan of fall, but the tree colors on the way upstate were beautiful. 

We went to Angry Orchard on it’s opening weekend 3 years ago, November 2015. It’s been a tradition ever since! 3 years ago, we parked right out front and basically had the tasting room to ourselves. Over the past three years, they’ve  added live music, paid tours of the barrel room, outdoor games, and a tree house with awesome views of the Orchard. And best addition of all, FOOD TRUCKS and a CIDER GARDEN! This year the parking lot was full, we had to park a mile away. Luckily Angry Orchard bused cider drinkers to the Orchard. I Love seeing local spots grow over the years.

Grab delish food truck snacks and head in for a self guided tour of the innovation room on the way to your free flight. On Saturday’s the Orchard has live music and there was a farmer’s market the weekend we went. Check out other events here.

Don’t let the cold weather stop you! You can pay a small fee for a barrel room tour and there is plenty of indoor seating to enjoy your flight.

My favorite Cider is Knotty Pear, we leave with a growler of it every year. You can buy a growler of your favorite flavor starting at $18! That’s a freggin steal if you ask me!

Bottom line…don’t miss out of visiting The Orchard this year!

Let me know if you visit, and what you think.






Dreaming of Tacos



I am almost always dreaming about tacos and this Local spot is one of my faves. My Go-to spot is Taco Dive Bar in Peekskill, NY https://tacodivebar.com/

This one is for my gluten free peeps. Entire menu is gluten free and everything…I mean EVERYTHING is delicious. Pancakes, fried calamari, and Fried Gulf Shrimp corn tacos are among my faves!

Even my gluten lovin’ man can’t stop himself from shoving Gluten Free fried calamari in his faccia!

What makes Taco Dive Bar even better…

The Hudson Creamery http://thehudsoncreamery.com/

Right next door to the Taco Dive bar, The Hudson Creamery makes the most creamy, peanut buttery ice cream I’ve ever tasted.

Stuff your face with Taco’s, Margaritas  (ask for the blue Curaco, which is Dave’s go to libation), Hudson Creamery ice cream, and then walk across the street and take in a  Beautiful view of Hudson River.